How to choose the correct fence in Wake County.

It can be tough to choose the right fencing style when there are so many great options. When you choose what type of fence you want to have on your Wake County property, you really want to make sure you make the right and most appropriate choice on the first try.

This mini guide should give you a basic idea of choosing your fence material type to fit your needs and your budget. If you have any more questions on how to choose the right fence company in Wake County, make sure you contact us and schedule a consultation with one of our salesman.

Vinyl fence in Wake County

Vinyl fence, otherwise known as PVC fence, is a synthetic resin based fencing material that is engineered to be highly resistant to wind, sunlight and other natural elements. Vinyl fence components are highly customizable, they start off as hollow blank rectangular pieces, and are then routed with a CNC machine to allow interlinking between the routed component and other components that snap together when assembled. Therefore, many base styles are available, but many more customized variations on the base style are possible depending on your specific needs.

Since vinyl fencing is the most aesthetically pleasing and longest lasting fence material available to most homeowners, the price is usually a decent amount higher than other, inferior fencing materials.

This is definitely the top-most grade of common fencing materials, and not only are the components incredibly durable, but pretty much any style is available, including vinyl privacy fence, vinyl picket fence, and vinyl-semi-privacy fence among many others.

In our opinion, installing a vinyl fence in Wake County is the best choice.

Aluminum fence in Wake County

If you’re looking for a metal fence, aluminum fences are your best choice.

This style of fencing is exclusively known as picket and rail fencing because they are constructed with a system of horizontal members, or rails and vertical members, or pickets. Each picket is attached to each rail, and is spaced about 2″ apart.

You have the option of choosing between closed picket fences, or open picket fences which have the vertical members extending past the top rail and then topped off with a decorative finial of your choice.

Because you can vary the picket spacing to suit your needs, aluminum fences are a great option to close off your pool area in your backyard, or to close off your house’s perimeter to ensure your small children or small pets cannot slip through the gaps in between the pickets.

Chain-link fence in Wake County

When you don’t really care about how the fence looks or how much privacy a new fence can provide for your property, chain-link fences are typically the right choice for installation in Wake County.

You can enclose a large backyard to prevent intrusion onto your property pretty cheaply and quickly by utilizing a 6′ heigh galvanized chain-link fence on your Wake County property.

Plus, if you don’t like the standard grey mill finish color of traditional chain-link fences, you can also install the vinyl coated variant which comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, there are some add-on choices like barbed-wire for instance that can be extremely beneficial if you are enclosing a business or high value parcel of land.

Wood fence in Wake County

A lot of homes in Wake County, North Carolina have wooden fences, and for good reason. They are cost effective, provide total privacy and add a certain natural look to your property that other, more artificial fencing styles cannot.

There are synthetic fence materials that try to imitate the look of real wood, but the likeness is never quite achieved.

You can definitely achieve a more unique and less uniform look to your wood fence by painting or staining it as well, something you should not do with any other type of fence.

The clear downside to installing a wood fence on your property in Wake County is the fact that wooden material, because of its organic nature, is extremely susceptible to decay over time and requires a fair bit of maintenance to ensure it looks the same way it did week one of installation.