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The benefits of installing wood fencing on your North Carolina property.

Wooden fences are constructed in three phases: first, the posts are placed equally and set in the ground, next, horizontal members, or “rails” are nailed to the posts, then lastly, the vertical members, or pickets, are nailed to the rails. The picket attachment pattern differs based on what style of wood fencing you end up choosing.

The materials we use for our wood fence systems are all pressure treated so they can withstand years out in the elements. You can choose from a few different style options including, but not limited to: wood privacy, wood board-on-board, and wood shadowbox. Since wood is a versatile material, many customizations are available. Please speak with one of our salesman about your options during a consultation.

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Tar Heel Fence Company is a superior fence company that installs high quality wood fences in the Wake County, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-Hill, The Triangle and all surrounding North Carolina counties, cities and communities. We truly care about providing our customers with unbeatable customer service and the pinacle of wood fence contracting services. Click the link below to request your free in-home consultation on your next wood fence project today.

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Wood Board on Board Fence Installation in North Carolina

Board on Board Fence

Board-on-board fences are assembled in such a manner where each vertical member, or picket, is attached either directly to the horizontal members, or rails, or attached overlapping it's two surrounding neighbors. Every odd picket in the pattern is attached directly to the rails, whereas every even picket is nailed on top of the odd ones. This style is completely private and leaves absolutely no visibility gaps in each section.

Wood Shadowbox Fence Installation in North Carolina

Shadowbox Fence

The shadowbox style of fence allows for both some privacy and some visibility and wind-flow. Looking directly at a section of wooden shadowbox fence makes it completely private, but if you view the section from an angle, there is a slight gap in between each opposite side of the fence panel. Similarly to board-on-board, shadowbox utilizes a pattern of odd and even pickets, in this pattern each odd picket is on one side of the fence panel, and each even picket is on the opposite side of the fence panel.

Wood Privacy Fence Installation in North Carolina

Privacy Fence

Wood privacy fences are the most simply constructed type of wooden fence. Each picket is simply nailed directly onto the rails right next to each other in a line. This style is great for people who want a completely opaque surface to their fence unlike board-on-board, yet still have total privacy.

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