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The benefits of installing vinyl fencing on your North Carolina property.

Vinyl fence, also known as PVC fence is a synthetic fencing material that is virtually maintenance free, is highly resistant to nature and typically lasts a lifetime. There are a handful of colors available, including the most common: white and tan – please speak to our salesman regarding additional colors.

Since vinyl fencing components are so versatile, many style variations exist. The most common basic styles are vinyl privacy fence, vinyl picket fence and vinyl semi-privacy fence with many additional styles and style variations available.

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Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation in North Carolina

Privacy Fence

The most common style of vinyl fences are vinyl privacy fences. A privacy fence is 100% solid with no gaps or visibility between fence posts or fence sections. Along with wood privacy fencing, vinyl privacy fencing is the only other completely secure and private style of fence available. Because of this, vinyl privacy fences tend to be highly sought after to enclose backyards and property perimiters of homeowners who value privacy more than the average person. This is a great option if you have children, a pool or pets and want to prevent people from seeing in or entering your property.

Vinyl Picket Fence Installation in North Carolina

Picket Fence

Picket fencing is a great solution to enclose the front of your property. Whether you have a garden, have small pets or have a pool at home, vinyl picket fences provide a really attractive way to accent your yard without blocking views or windflow. Vinyl picket fencing is also a far superior to wood picket fencing as they require far less maintenance in order to stand up to the elements. You have the option of choosing different size pickets, and different picket caps to accent the tops of them. And since vinyl fence is customizable, you can choose how narrow or wide of a gap you'll have in between each picket as well.

Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence Installation in North Carolina

Semi-Privacy Fence

Unlike vinyl privacy fence, vinyl semi-privacy fence is not 100% solid. It's constructed by allowing there to be a small gap in between each vertical member, otherwise known as a picket. This style is perfect for a homeowner that doesn't value total privacy as much as they value wind-flow and slight visibility. You have the option of choosing how wide or narrow of a gap that you want between each picket so you can customize just how much privacy you want to retain vs. how much visibility is necessary.

Vinyl ShadowboxFence Installation in North Carolina

Shadowbox Fence

Based on the traditional wood shadowbox fence style, vinyl shadowbox fence is a clear improvement on the original. A shadowbox fence is constructed with three horizontal members, or rails, and slightly overlapping vertical members, or pickets. Ultimately, the pickets don't directly touch - there is a small gap in between each overlap in the pattern. This is a semi-private type of fence that is private if you look at a section directly, but semi-private if you view the section at an angle. This is a much more elaborate version of standard vinyl semi-privacy fencing and is typically installed in very high-value properties.

Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence Installation in North Carolina

Ranch Rail Fence

Vinyl ranch rail fences are a great alternative to the standard wood ranch rail fencing that is so popular throughout rural areas of the country. It's a great fencing style to enclose a very large property area in a cost-effective manner. Vinyl ranch rail fences are more expensive than their wood counterparts, but since vinyl fences are much more resilient to the war and tear of nature and don't require nearly as much maintenance as wood material does, it can save you a lot of continued effort in the future to choose vinyl as your material instead of the traditional wood.

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