Is vinyl fence the right choice for your Durham property?

A vinyl privacy fence is perfect for Durham backyards.

I think we can agree that when you’re spending time in your yard, you want privacy, just as you would inside your home. It can really kill the mood if you can see directly into your neighbors yard, and they into yours. Especially if you don’t get along.

Tan Vinyl Privacy Fence installed in Durham North Carolina

As for privacy fencing, you have two options: wood privacy fence or vinyl privacy fence.

The real benefit of vinyl over wood is the fact that vinyl is far more attractive visually, and far more resistant to the elements. You can end up paying twice for a wood fence over its lifetime if the wooden material fairs badly in your area.

When you install a vinyl privacy on your property, you can rest assured knowing that absolutely no one is going to be seeing into your yard. The surface of a vinyl privacy fencing section is 100% opaque with zero gaps.

They say that good fences make good neighbors, and that is certainly true in Durham as much as anywhere.

Resistant to North Carolina weather.

White picket fence installed in Durham North Carolina

In Durham, all seasons are pretty taxing on any fencing products that you install on your property. Lesser, more vulnerable fencing materials such as wood can become severely damaged by continued freeze and thaw cycles, heavy winds and insects, where as a vinyl fence is virtually impervious to all of these same stressors.

Vinyl fences can be more expensive initially, but the fact that they don’t require much if any maintenance means that they are a great investment.

Vinyl fence lasts a lifetime.

Ultimately, you want your fence to last the entire time you and your family live in your Durham home. Since a fence can be a large investment up front, it can be really discouraging to lose it in a severe storm and have to replace parts or the whole thing entirely.

If you have any questions about vinyl fence installation in Durham, North Carolina contact us today to speak with a fencing professional.